• 5th Grade Expectations

                Fifth Graders are expected to spend 30-60 minutes on homework each day.  Many parents throughout the years have wanted a “homework schedule” for 5th grade.  While we can’t give you an exact schedule, we can give you an idea of what to expect.  Each day all students have math homework and 30 minutes of independent reading.  Any other assignments are usually things a student did not complete in class and needs to spend just a few minutes finishing up at home.

                Your child should never tell you, “My homework is at school because I finished it.”  If homework is completed during the school day, it is not turned in, but rather placed in the Homework Folder.   Your child should be able to show you their homework.  Please feel free to ask for and look at these papers along with his/her planner.  Planners will be written in everyday for every subject with the topic or assignment.  Homework is always circled or highlighted in the planner.  


    Homework Schedule



    Daily Homework is given, even on Friday. Please encourage your child to copy the problem and show their work.  This is an easy way to raise your math grade.  Do your homework nightly!

    Daily Math – is assigned on Monday and due on Friday.  Time is given in class to complete each day’s work.  Parents are allowed to check over Daily Math.  Make sure your child “shows his work”.  Even simple addition or subtraction should be written down.  This is an excellent way to practice skills as well as raise a math grade.

    Math STAAR will be given April 10th.  Students MUST PASS this test to move on to 6th grade.



    Monday – A spelling list will be distributed. The students will have two weeks to study the words. We use the website Spelling City to practice in class. Feel free to use it at home. 

    FridayTest day. 



                When assignments are given, class time is provided for completion.  Any students unable to finish in the given time should complete it for homework if told to do so. Points will be taken off for missing periods and capitals

    on any assignment. We want the students use the grammar skills that they have been taught. 



                Students need to read for at least 30 minutes every night. Your child should have a story book (chapter book) to read with him/her everyday. Your child needs to bring the book to school and to home everyday. We are participating in the GCISD Reads program from the district. Your child needs to read a minimum of 2,500 pages this year. We always shoot for twenty-five books per year too. 

                Reading STAAR will be given April 11th.  Students MUST PASS  this test to move on to 6th grade.



                Students need to complete all writing at school.  This is the only way we can assess students’ writing and devise lessons to improve their writing.  It also improves student confidence which they need in order to do their best writing for the STAAR test in 7th Grade.



                Since a great deal of time spent in science is devoted to hands-on experiments, it is important that your child be in attendance.  We cannot make up experiments or labs when students are absent.  These labs give students a good visual of the concept being taught.  Time in class is provided to complete any work.  Unfinished work becomes homework.  

                Science STAAR will be given on May 16th..



                 We will be studying American history this year. Homework is assigned occasionally or will be any unfinished class assignments. 



            Students are permitted one late assignment per grading period/per subject with no penalty.  Students need to finish their work at school and may have time during Cowboy Up to complete any unfinished work.

                 If a student fails a daily assignment or a quiz, the concepts will be re-taught. The student may redo the assignment and the two grades will be averaged.   We want the students to do their best the first time.  Tests that are failed will be re-taught and a retake will be given.  The highest grade a student can receive on a retake of a test is a 70. 






                Work will not be prepared ahead of time for students who are absent.  It is district policy that all work will be given out when a child returns or you may pick up work in the office at the end of the day if your child is out sick. 

                Please remember:  When your child misses the same class each week for doctor’s appointments, etc. that teaching time cannot be made-up.  Assignments are given and explained when a student returns, BUT that special learning time with peers is gone.  This is especially true in Science.  Science labs and experiments cannot be re-taught.