• Week of: Sept. 4 - 8








    Language Arts 

    No School Students will continue with irregular verbs by completing a Nearpod. Students will begin writing about turning points in their life.  Continue from Wed.  Spelling test


      Students will discover how to read knowing that they will write about what they have read. They will discover how to look deeper into the text.  iStation Day Students will read to get the "bigger idea". Students will review the text features of a story. 




    Students will review the three states of matter and develope a definition for physical properties. 

     Students will begin an investigation to discover the physical properties on different substances. 

    Cont. from Wed.  

    Students will review physical properties by completing Stemscopes activities. 

    Social Studies

      Students will complete a slideshow showing the different landforms.  Cont. from Tuesday. Students will complete a paper on the Midwest region.  Students will complete a paper on the West region.