• Colleyville Elementary School

    Wide Discipline Plan




                "We believe the school community, including students, parents, faculty, and staff must work together to provide a safe and supportive environment that promotes teaching and learning.  We shall establish clear guidelines for academic and behavioral excellence and use discipline in a positive, supportive, logical, and consistent manner."


    School Wide Rules:


    1.   Respect all adults.

    2.   Follow directions the first time given.

    3.   Respect the feelings, space, and property of others.

    4.   Speak when permitted.

    5.   Be orderly and silent in halls and bathrooms.

    6.   Obey cafeteria and playground rules.


    School Wide Consequences:


    1st Offense- Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense- Loss of  1/2 of lunch recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    3rd Offense- Loss of all of lunch recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    4th Offense- Completion of behavioral report form (to be signed by parent) and parent phone call

    5th Offense- Sent to principal or assistant principal for disciplinary action.


    Additional or severe misconduct may include being sent to the principal or assistant

     principal for disciplinary action.


    School Wide Rewards:


    * Verbal Praise

    * Rachel’s Challenge ring will be given for kindness above what would be considered “good manners’.

    * Classroom incentives (extra computer time, “sit with a friend at lunch” coupons, etc.)

    * A raffle of the names of all students who meet behavior expectations will be drawn.

       Students who have their name drawn will receive a special prize or reward.   




    In addition to the CES School Wide Discipline Plan

    students must also follow Classroom Expectations:


    1.  Follow directions the first time given.

    2.  Talk at appropriate times.

    3.  Have all materials ready (including homework) when class begins.

    4.  Stay on assigned task.

    5.  Treat others with courtesy and respect.


    Rewards:  Students who behave appropriately will be rewarded with verbal praise, special privileges, and free time activities.


    Consequences:  Students not following classroom or campus expectations will be documented in their Friday Folder and their citizenship grade will be affected.


Last Modified on August 31, 2015