Syllabus for 5th Grade Math                  math boy
    Financial Literacy
    Graphs - frequency table, bar, dot plot, stem-and-leaf, scatter plot, along with parts of a graph
    Number Concepts: Whole and decimals (billions to thousandths), including expanded notation
    Positive Rational Numbers
    Addition & Subtraction of Positive Rational Numbers w/ Problem Solving
    Multiplication – Estimation and actual w/ 2 digits X 3 digits (whole #s and decimal numbers to
          the hundredths)
    Ordered Pairs - within a data set and generate a number pattern
    Division – Estimation w/ Compatible numbers, 2 digit divisors & up to 4 digit dividends
    Prime and Composite Numbers
    Order of Operations
     Fractions – Add and subtract fractions w/ unlike denominators; multiply and divide fractions using objects and pictorial models including area models; multiplication of a whole number and a fraction
    Expressions and simplifying of expressions without exponents
    Geometry – critical attributes of 2 D and 3 D shapes
    Measuring – use standard units measuring to 1/8 of an inch, converting within the standard system, use SI (metric system) and convert from one unit to another
    Use formulas to find perimeter, area, & volume
    Use problem solving strategies
    Algebraic reasoning and formal language
    Syllabus for 5th Grade Science
    • Lab Safety, Classifying Matter, Properties of Water, Mixtures and Solutions
    • Changes to the Earth's Surface, Sedimentary Rocks and Fossil Fuels, Alternative Energy Resources 
    • Characteristics of the Sun, Earth, and Moon, Day & Night, Weather & Climate 
    • Uses of Energy, Electricity, Light Energy, Forces & Motion
    • Energy Transfer in Ecosystems, Inherited Traits & Learned Behaviors, Complete &       Incomplete Metamorphosis

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