• Weekly items that should come home:


    Newsletter- on Friday

    Friday Folder- on Friday

    Behavior Sheet- on Friday

    Important Papers Folder- EVERY night

    Planner-EVERY night


    Friday Folders should be signed and are due back on Monday. Please go through the items with your child. Discuss their papers with them so that you can help them.



         Homework is assigned Monday - Thursday.   Teachers will work together to coordinate homework schedules.   Homework is due the following day at the beginning of the class period.  In an effort to help the students become more organized, we will not allow students to call home regarding forgotten homework or assignments. 

          We understand that many students have several extra-curricular activities that take place throughout the afternoon/evenings.  Due to this, we give students the opportunity to stay in during Lunch Recess to work on any homework, unfinished work, or missing work.

Last Modified on September 7, 2010