• Homework

    Take Home Readers

    Students will book shop each week on a designated day and books go home for the week.  They will pick books near their level, but be aware that a few books might be a little easier to work on fluency or more difficult to push them to the next level.  

    Please listen to your child read each night for at least 10 minutes.  Books should be returned to school every day; however your child might bring home some of the same books throughout that week.  Reading is one of the most important elements of first grade, and your part as the parent listener and encourager are vital to your child's success. 



    Concept words and sight words will be given every other week.  Your child should have a picture of their words in their i-pad photo roll every other Monday. You can have them practice in many ways.  Some suggestions are:
    Spelling City
    Rainbow Write
    Pyramid Writing
    Alphabetizing the words
    Write words in sand or shaving cream
    Word Cloud or Magnetic ABC app
    Draw a picture and write the words hidden in the picture
    Build the words with  sticks, wikki sticks, pipe cleaners, magnetic letters, playdough
    Write sentences or story using words 



    Please practice basic addition & subtraction facts with your child daily.  We encourage you to make flash cards or print them off the internet.




    Please encourage your child to use upper & lower case letters where appropriate. 

    Please note:  Upper case letter are used only at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns.  If a child uses upper case letters inappropriately, it is a very difficult to break this habit. Also have your child write their letters starting at the top of the letter.