• FAQs

    We are new to the area.  How do we enroll our students?
    All of the information needed to enroll your students can be found on the "Enrolling in GCISD" pages on the district's website. 
    What immunizations are required to attend school? 
    This link details the immunization schedules for all potential students. 
    Do we live in Dove's attendance zone?
    Please check the attendance map.
    What school supplies does my child need?
    Each grade has a different set of required school supplies
    How do I send an email to my child's teacher?
    All district emails follow the format:  firstname.lastname@gcisd.net.  Name information is located under Staff. 
    If I have alternate plans for my child at the end of the day, whom should I tell and when do I need to let them know?
    Please call the office at 817-251-5700 before 1:15 PM with the changes.  A note will be delivered to your child at 2:30 PM.
    If my child forgot something at home, may I bring it up to the school?
    Yes, please bring the item to the front office.  Your child will be notified of the arrival.  Please don't take the item directly to the classroom.  Always leave it in the front office.
    Is my child old enough to attend Kindergarten?
    As long as he or she will turn five on or before September 1, your child is eligible to attend Kindergarten. 
    Does Dove Elementary have a Pre-K Program?
    No, any Pre-K students in our eligibility zones, would attend the Pre-K Program at Cannon Elementary. 
    What do I do when I come to visit at Dove?
    If you visit during the day to eat lunch with your child or meet with the teacher, you need to check in with the office staff and present a photo ID.  Upon approval, you will receive a visitor's sticker and will be admitted to the hallways.  All visitors are asked to wear their sticker at all times and sign out with the front office upon leaving.   
    May I eat with my child?
    Feel free to eat lunch with your child any day after signing in with the office.  You will be provided a spot to join your child for lunch. 
    How will I know what is going on at school?
    We send home information in your child's Monday folder including monthly calendars, notes about events, deadlines, and classroom information.  Mrs. Landrum also sends out the Dolphin Tales family newsletter via email on Monday mornings.  Please read through all of the materials sent home in the Monday folder.  Upcoming events will be posted on the school marquee.  Information is also posted on the school website and the PTA website. 
    What if I want to volunteer in the classroom or attend a field trip with my child during the year?
    In order to volunteer in any capacity, you must complete a volunteer form each year.  This must now be done online. 
Last Modified on December 11, 2017