Dove Culture Club

    Joyce Mery

    Multicultural Language and Art Expressions Teacher

    GCISD Elementary Culture Club Founder/Coordinator

    What:  Learning about the various countries and cultures of our diverse world in a fun, informative and relaxed atmosphere.
    Who: 5th graders
    When: Mondays 2:55-3:55 
    Meeting dates: To be announced
    Wanted : Guest speakers who are eager to share their knowledge of a particular country, region and/or culture.  If you're interested, please contact Mrs. Mery: joyce.mery@gcisd.net 
    NOTE: In addition to the opportunity of participating in various events, Culture Club students will also participate in the planning and execution of our 7th Annual World Friendship Day. Date will be announced in due time.
    The South Sudan Project:
    Last year, Culture Club with the help of Dove Dolphins collected over 60 boxes of donated items, mainly school supplies, and raised $814.00 during a Car Wash to benefit the children of Abyei.  Stay tuned for further updates.

Last Modified on June 16, 2017