• Fifth Grade Discipline 


    This year my class created a Social Contract.  We discussed how they would like me to treat them, how they would like to treat each other, how I would like to be treated by them, and what the consequences would be if they did not follow our contract.

     Here is the Social Contract that the students created:





    Sky Ranch Policy

    5th Grade Parents,

    The 2017-2018 5th grade class is planning a two night field trip to Sky Ranch.  Designed to be more than just a field trip, the Sky Ranch program has been developed to compliment the 5th grade curriculum, as well as provide teachers and students with an interactive, hands-on educational journey.


    The education crew at Sky Ranch knows that the best way for students to gain understanding is to provide them with opportunities to explore, interact, imagine, and dream.  Therefore there is a high expectation of exemplary behavior by all 5th grade students.