Extra Practice = Extra Knowledge = Extra Euros
     Students are highly encouraged to practice their Spanish outside of Spanish class to enhance their learning at their own pace.
    1) Games and activities on my webpage as well as the students' Google Classroom: Students can explore some very FUN and USEFUL Spanish websites and games. Just send me a note with your child's name and teacher's name along with the name of the games/activities he or she played. I also highly recommend the app, Duolingo for language practice!
    2) Opportunities through real life situations: Students can practice speaking (or even singing) in Spanish at home, at a restaurant, at the store, with friends and family, etc. Again, just send me a note stating what your child said or did.
    3) Calendarios:
    Practice Calendars: Initial the day your child says what's on the calendar. Send back the calendar when finished. (See Spanish Calendars tab)
    Label items found around the house; practice saying the phrases below; name the clothing articles you're wearing with colors; create authentic recipes. Order a meal or just a food item in Spanish, etc...

    On certain Mondays, a cultural, geographical, historical or current event question will be given on the morning announcements. Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade can drop off answers in my room no later than Thursday at 3:00. Don't forget to include your name and teacher's name
    On Friday during specials, one name per grade level will be drawn for a small prize.
    Teachers and staff are welcome to participate. :) 
    Happy learning!
    Mrs. Mery