Central America
    Spanish-Speaking Caribbean Islands 
                           Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico
    2nd grade- 5th grade - Information coming in due time. See link below for last year's project:
    If students choose to work on a project other than the one in my McLAE class, they will receive credit/extra "pesos" to use on Mercado Day on May 24th, 2018 :).
    If you choose to prepare a dish for your project, remember that it needs to be an authentic recipe from Central America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean Islands:
        - Choose an authentic recipe of a dish, a drink or a dessert. 
        - Make it at home naming the ingredients and explaining the steps.
        - Have someone video-record you or take pictures of the different steps from start to finish.
        - Include the name of the recipe and any interesting facts about it. 
        - Upload the video to your google drive and send me a note/email that you did so. You can also bring me the video on a           CD, a DVD.  You can also turn it in as an album or on a poster board with captions.
    Also, If you had the opportunity to travel to or live in any country, you are encouraged to share your experiences with us through a formal project or an informal project. You'll be given credit.