(Exams to skip a math grade level or math course)

    Students currently enrolled in grades K through 7, who are currerntly enrolled in the District and meet specific eligibility criteria, may accelerate in math beyond their enrolled grade level or course.  Because the acceleration process involves “skipping” classroom instruction for a grade level or course, students must demonstrate mastery of the math content above their current grade level and for which s/he has not received any formal classroom instruction.  Mastery is determined by meeting the district criterion on a state-approved exam chosen by the district.  Students in grades K through 5 must score 90% or higher on the state-approved exam for the grade level to be skipped.  Students in grades 6 through 7 must score 80% or higher on the state-approved exam for the course to be skipped.  Students will have two opportunities to take the exam.

    A student may be a high achieving learner in their current grade level math course, but that knowledge base is not sufficient to pass a math exam for the next level course when they have not received any instruction.  A student must be thoroughly prepared by learning the TEKS of the course in which s/he is attempting to skip. A link to view the TEKS is provided below.  Also, parents should refer to "Is Math Telescoping Right for My Child?" (included in the packet) for additional factors to consider.

    Taking a math examination will not provide you with enough information to judge how your child is performing academically in math.  These examinations are the property of UT-Austin and you will not receive information about objectives or skills missed or allowed to see a copy of the examination.  Knowing a score or how many questions a child missed does not help in guiding instruction.  GCISD uses a variety of assessments throughout the year that will give parents information with regard to how a student is performing academically.

    Information and Procedures:  Parents of GCISD students in grades K through 7, who want their child to take a Math Telescoping Examination, will need to select the link below entitled Parent Information Packet - Acceleration Exams: Math Telescoping, Grades K-7. Print and Read all information and procedures carefully.  Follow the instructions on the Math Telescoping Crosswalk (included in the packet) to understand which exam(s) your child will be required to take.  The final determination of exams will be made by GCISD.

    Online Registration Procedures and Form:  The Online Registration Process Procedures and Online Registration Form link will open 9:00 am on February 22, 2018 and close at 4:00 pm on March 8, 2018.  The deadline to pay the registration fee is March 9, 2018.  

    No registrations will be accepted after the posted Deadlines.
    Math Telescoping Test Dates for the 2017-2018 school year are:
    Spring:  Saturday, April 21, 2018 (registration deadline March 8, 2018)
    Summer:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018 (registration deadline May 23, 2018) 
    Click here for 2017-2018 Acceleration Testing Calendar for all acceleration test dates and deadlines.


    Parent Information Packet - Acceleration Exams: Math Telescoping, Grades K-7 - ENGLISH VERSION   (LINK WILL BE POSTED SOON)

    Parent Information Packet - Acceleration Exams: Math Telescoping, Grades K-7 - SPANISH VERSION   (LINK WILL BE POSTED SOON)

    Select from the links below to view the TEKS from the TEA website, download study guides from the UT-Austin website.

    TEKS UT study guides  





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