Examinations for Acceleration, Math Telescoping, Grades K - 7

(Exams to skip a math grade level or math course)

Students currently enrolled in grades K through 7, who meet specific eligibility criteria, may accelerate in math beyond their enrolled grade level or course.  Because the acceleration process involves “skipping” classroom instruction for a grade level or course, students must demonstrate mastery of the math content for which s/he will not receive formal classroom instruction.  Mastery is determined by meeting the district criterion on a state-approved exam chosen by the district.  A student currently in grade K through 5 must score 90% or higher on the state-approved exam for the grade level to be skipped.  A student currently in grade 6 through 7 must score 80% or higher on the state-approved exam for the course to be skipped.
NEW FOR 2013-2014: 
As a result of new Texas state math standards (TEKS) to be implemented in the 2014-2015 school year, there will be an additional supplemental exam that consists of questions targeting the new standards.  This will help to ensure that students have all of the concepts and skills necessary for them to be successful, should they be telescoped.
The students' performance on the supplemental exam will be factored into their telescope exam score.
Should you have questions, please contact Jennifer Hylemon, Director of Mathematics. 


Select the first or second link below to print the Information Packet and complete the Registration Form to be submitted.  Additional information is provided by selecting the other links.



     Information Packet with Registration Form for 2014-15 School Year - English

     Information Packet with Registration Form for 2014-15 School Year - Spanish 

         Math Telescoping Crosswalk - English

         Math Telescoping Crosswalk - Spanish

    Study Guides for University of Texas Exams - Grades K - 8 link:

     Appeal Process Form - English

      Appeal Process Form - Spanish 

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