• star Grapevine Elementary STAR Behaviors star
    I CAN sit correctly in all environments.
    I CAN keep my hands, feet, and objects to self.
    I CAN use kind words with and about others.
    I CAN keep my school bully free.
    I CAN walk in a straight line.
    I CAN remain quiet in learning zones.
    I CAN follow directions.
    I CAN move from one activity to another in a timely manner.
    I CAN treat others the way I would like to be treated.
    I CAN do the right thing without being asked.
    I CAN choose positive actions and moods.
    I CAN take ownership for my actions.
    I CAN be prepared for learning.
    I CAN listen and speak at appropriate times.
    I CAN show respect for adults, self and others.
    I CAN keep our school clean.

    Our Behavior Clipchart

    GES has STAR behaviors that the students follow while they are at school. There is a copy of these STAR behaviors in your child's green folder for you to reference all year. There is also a copy under the Classroom Expectations section of the blog. As we learn and practice these behaviors in first grade, we will be using our colored Behavior Clipchart in our classroom. The chart is similar to what your child used last year.
    Each day your child has multiple opportunities to move up or down the clipchart as needed. The color they are on at the end of the day is the color check mark I will write on your child's nightly calendar.
    Please initial the calendar each day.

    This is our classroom Behavior Clipchart.


    The students come into class each morning and begin the day on the green section since they are coming to school "Ready to Learn."

    3 4

    As students make positive choices throughout the day their clips can move up to blue, purple, or pink. If the students end the day on green, blue, purple, or pink, this is considered a successful day. When a student ends the day on pink, I give you permission for some serious "celebration" at home :)


    If a student clips down to yellow, this is considered a warning. It gives the student an opportunity to change his/her behavior and make positive choices for the rest of the day.


    When students clip down to the orange "Think About It" section, they will continue to have the opportunity to make better choices throughout the day and climb back up the color chart.

    The red section is called Parent Contact. When a student has reached this color during the day, you will receive a note, call, email, etc. from your child's teacher letting you know what has gone on throughout the day. Once your child has reached red, he/she cannot climb back up the color chart for the rest of the day.

    At the end of each day, I will place a check mark on your child's behavior calendar in his/her blue folder to indicate what color your child ended the day on according to our clip chart. The bottom of the calendar shows how many behavior marks your child can receive throughout the 9 weeks to receive the different grades on the report card. The colors that count toward the behavior grades are yellow, orange and red.

Last Modified on September 5, 2014