4th Grade Curriculum
    Reading: The fundamentals of reading will be taught using quality children’s literature, poetry and the basal. Mini lessons, shared reading and small literacy groups will be taught daily using the Reader's Workshop Model.  Students who are reading below grade level will receive extra help from the reading specialists and the teacher. iStation will also be utilized.  Students may change groups as progress is shown.
    Language/Writing/Spelling: Mini-lessons will be used to teach many language concepts such as capitalization, punctuation, grammar etc. The Writing workshop will be used to work on the foundations of writing. Students will be writing narrative and informational pieces, as well as   letters and poems. Spelling will be integrated with our reading/writing  curriculum. We will focus on spelling patterns and high frequency words. 
    Social Studies: Texas is the overall theme of S.S. in  4th grade.
     Social Studies concepts will be integrated into Reading/Language Arts curriculum.  
    Science: Science units will involve many hands on investigations this year. Students will  observe, measure, record, and analyze data.

Last Modified on August 14, 2017