• Specials - Music, Art, P.E.


    Skills grades will be based on two criteria: curriculum objectives met and participation in class.
    5th Students 
    E = Students meeting and exceeding curriculum objectives
    S = Students meeting curriculum objectives
    N = Students not meeting curriculum objectives with little participation
    U = Students not meeting curriculum objectives with inadequate participation
    5th Grade students are required to complete 3 music activities from our list of student created ideas. Failure to complete the 3 required activities will result in an "S" in their music skills grade. 
    K-4 Students
    1 = Not meeting standards
    2 = Progressing to standards
    3 = Mastering standards
    4th Grade students must complete 2 levels in their independent recorder studies during each 9 week period. This is done during class, but can be done at home, if desired, to challenge a student's potential.
    Failure to complete these levels will result in a "2", or possibly a "1" depending on the number of levels behind. 

    CITIZENSHIP - ClassDojo

    The PE, music, and art teachers use Class Dojo as a means of communicating your child's positive and needs work behaviors. By using your child's private passwords found on the Parent Information Letter sent home the first week of school, you can access any observations from the day. This allows you the ability to discuss with your child their choices and offer praise or help in redirecting for behaviors in the most timely manner possible.
    Grades 5 
    E = 1-2 Needs work
    S = 3-4 Needs work
    N = 5-6 Needs work
    U = 7+  Needs work 
    Grades K-4
    3 = 1-2 Needs work
    2 = 3-4 Needs work
    1 = 5+  Needs work 
Last Modified on August 15, 2017