Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) 

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

MAP is a computer-adaptive assessment program currently administered at all elementary and middle schools.   New for 2013-2014Students in grades 2-8 participate in MAP assessments three times a year. The assessments measure student performance and growth in three subjects: math, reading and language usage.

MAP is a nationally-normed growth assessment that identifies the amount of learning that has occurred between each test administration (fall, winter and spring). Students are tested in the areas of mathematics, language usage and reading. Each test takes students about an hour to complete. Results are available immediately following the test.  

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA)--a non-profit organization that has been developing adaptive tests since 1974, created MAP assessments. More than 24 million MAP assessments have been administered nationwide. For more information about NWEA and MAP assessments, visit

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Lexiles at Home     

   Using MAP Scores:

Find-a-Book Using Lexiles

Summer Reading
What Do MAP Assessments Measure?
Reading                           Language Usage 
Math - Elementary           Math - Middle

Related Websites

  • At, parents and students can use the lexile score printed on the student report to find books that match both the student's reading ability and his/her interests. Also available on the website is a short, six-minute video on the meanining and uses of lexiles.  

The Lexile score for a student and the corresponding Lexile level of a book is a two- to four- digit number followed by the letter L (e.g., 220L).

             Some Examples of Books:

  • Green Eggs and Ham 30L
  • Amelia Bedelia 140L
  • Clifford, the Big Red Dog 220L
  • Bony-Legs 370L
  • Charlotte’s Web 680L
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 940L
  • Hatchet 1020L
  • Little Women 1300L
  • Pride and Prejudice 1100L
  • The Good Earth 1530L
  • Visit GCISD's mathematics website to learn about recommended websites students can explore afterschool.

  • GCISD's language arts website provides a number of reading and writing resources for parents and students, including a link to a recommended site with engaging afterschool activities -
Preparing Students for MAP Testing (Powerpoint) - used by teachers to prepare students for taking a MAP assessment.


Teacher Resources (Intranet Site). Materials copyrighted by NWEA are available on the Teacher Resources page. 

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