• Andria Brauer    
     Andria Brauer
    4th Grade Humanities:  Reading-Writing-Social Studies
    Conference Time:  8:55-9:45 
    Twitter:  @BrauerAndria 
                                                                                              Facebook:  Andria Brauer

        I cannot wait to meet my new students for the 2017-2018 school year! 

      I am a strong believer in enhancing a child's individual strengths to build confidence academically and socially.  You, as the parent, know your child best, and I hope to work together to help your child be as successful as possible.
          With the district's Lead 2021 goals,  the classroom is transformed into a "learner centered" environment that encourages students to inquire, ask questions, and communicate. Teachers guide students in setting learning goals, so they can take ownership of what they need to strive for. Fourth grade is an important year for encouraging independent work habits and quality assignments.
         If you have questions or concerns, please call the school at 817-305-4820 and leave a message with Mrs. Hurt or Mrs. Fuller.  You can also send an email at andria.brauer@gcisd.net.  If it is an important message for an immediate response, I prefer you call the office.  I do not always have time to check email during instructional times.