• Feelings Books

    When I'm Angry
    Jane Aaron
             Mad Isn't Bad - A Child's Book About Anger
             Don't Rant and Rave on Wednesday                         
             M Mundy
             Adolph Moser
    When Sophie Gets Angry--Really, Really Angry
    Molly Bang
    The Chocolate Covered Cookie Tantrum
    Deborah Blumenthal
    Franklin's Bad Day
    Paulette Bourgeois
    I Feel Shy
    Karen Bryant-Mole and Mike Gordon
    The Grouchy Ladybug
    Eric Carle
    The Night of the Paper Bag Monster
    Helen Craig
    I'm Mad & I'm Furious, etc. (Dealing with Feelings Series)
    Elizabeth Crary
    Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day
    Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell
    My Many Colored Days
    Dr. Seuss
    The Blue Day Book for Kids: A Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up
    Bradley Trevor Greive
    Lizzy's Ups And Downs

    Wemberly Worried
    Jessica Harper & Lindsay Harper duPont

    Kevin Henkes
    Dealing with Anger
    Marianne Johnston
    Andrew's Angry Words
    Dorothea Lachner
    Proud of Our Feelings
    Lindsay Leghorn
    The Kissing Hand
    Audrey Penn
    The Very Angry Day That Amy Didn't Have
    Lawrence E. Shapiro
    Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
    Judith Viorst

    Friendship Books

    Hands Are Not for Hitting
    Martine Agassi
    We Are Best Friends
    Berenstain Bears Series
    Stan & Jan Berenstain
    The Franklin Series: Franklin Plays the Game, Franklin Is Bossy, Franklin's Secret Club and more
    Paulette Bourgeois
    How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends & Keeping Them
    Laurie & Marc Brown
    I Did It, I'm Sorry
    Caralyn Buehner
    Do You Want to be My Friend?
    Eric Carle
    How to Lose All Your Friends and
    It's Not My Fault
    Nancy Carlson
    A Circle of Friends
    Gloria Carmi
    Big Al
    Andrew Clements
    Amigo Means Friend
    Louise Everett & Sandy Rabinowitz
    That's What Friends Are For
    P.K. Hallinan
    Winners Never Quit
    Mia Hamm
    Chester's Way
    Kevin Henkes
    Best Friends for Frances
    Russell Hoban
    George and Martha
    James Marshall
    Making Friends
    Kate Petty & Charlotte Firmin
    Playing the Game
    Kate Petty & Charlotte Firmin
    Words Are Not for Hurting
    Elizabeth Verdick & Marieka Heilen
    Rosie and Michael
    Judith Voirst & Lorna Tomei


    I'm Gonna Like Me
    Jamie Lee Curtis
    I Knew You Could! A Book for All the Stops in Your Life
    Craig Dorfman & Christina Ong
    Leo the Lightning Bug
    Eric Drachman
    Kevin Henkes
    Amazing Grace
    Mary Hoffman
    Leo the Late Bloomer
    Robert Kraus
    Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon
    Patty Lovell
    The Little Engine That Could
    Watty Piper & Loren Long
    A Bad Case of Stripes
    David Shannon
    Nobodies Perfect Not Even My Mother
    Norma Simon
    Odd Velvet
    Mary E. Whitcomb

    Shyness Books

    Franklin Goes to Day Camp
    Paulette Bourgeois
    Lucy on the Loose
    Ilene Cooper
    I Don't Know Why…I Guess I'm Shy: A story about taming imaginary fears
    Barbara Cain & J.J. Smith-More
    Nobody Likes Me
    R & Raoul Krischanitz
    Sometimes I DonÕt Like to Talk
    Jessica Lamb-Shapiro
    Emma's Magic Winter (I Can Read Series)
    Jean Little
    So Shy
    Vicki Morrison
    Shy Charles
    Rosemary Wells

    Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution

    I Did It, I'm Sorry
    Caralyn Buehner & Mark Buehner
    Clancy's Coat
    Eve Bunting
    Franklin is Bossy
    Paulette Bourgeois
    Matthew and Tilly
    Rebecca Jones
    It's Mine and Swimmy
    Leo Lionni
    Feeling Left Out andPlaying the Game
    Kate Petty & Charlotte Firmin
    Little Red Riding Hood/The Wolf's Tale
    Della Rowland
    The Very Angry Day That Amy Didn't Have
    Lawrence E. Shapiro
    I'm Not Oscar's Friend Anymore
    Marjorie Sharmat
    Simon's Hook:  A story about teases and put-downs
    Karen Gedig Burnett
    The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!
    Jon Scieszka
    The Zax (included in the book The Sneetches)
    Dr. Seuss
    The Butter Battle
    Dr. Seuss
    The Quarreling Book
    Charlotte Zolotow

    Social Cruelty/Teasing/Bullying Books

    Lucy and the Bully
    The Berenstain Bears Get In A Fight
    Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Bullies
    Claire Alexander
    Stan & Jan Berenstain
    Howard Binkow
    Franklin is Bossy
    Paulette Bourgeois
    Simons Hook: A story about teasing and put-downs
    Karen Gedig Burnett
    Best Day of the Week
    Bully B.E.A.N.S.
    Nancy Carlsson-Paige
    Julia Cook
    The Meanest Thing to Say
    Bill Cosby
    Rosie's Story
    Martine Gogoll
    Kevin Henkes
    Just Kidding
    Trudy Ludwig
    My Secret Bully
    Trudy Ludwig
    Trouble Talk
    Trudy Ludwig
    Trudy Ludwig
    Nobody Knew What to Do
    Becky Ray McCain
    Say Something
    Peggy Moss
    Enemy Pie
    Derek Munson
    King of the Playground
    Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
    The Recess Queen
    Alexis O'Neill
    Little Red Riding Hood: The Wolf's Tale
    Della Rowland
    The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!
    Jon Scieszka
    Stop Picking on Me
    Pat Thomas
    Stress/Relaxation Books

    The Goodnight Catepillar:  A Children's
    Relaxation Story

    Don't Pop Your Cork on Mondays!
           Lori Lite

            Adolph Moser
    So Few of Me
           Catherine O'Neill
            Peter Reynolds
    Every Time I Blow My Top I Lose My Head!
           Laura Slap-Shelton & Lawrence E. Shapiro

    Miscellaneous Books
    Sit Still  (self-control)
        Nancy Carlson
    My Mouth is a Volcano  (self-control)
        Julia Cook
    It's Hard to Be Five   (self-control)
        Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell
    My Sister Hugged an Ape  (personal space)
        Bill Grossman & Kevin Hawkes
    Personal Space Camp  (personal space)
        Julia Cook
    Don't Squeal Unless Its' a Big Deal  (tattling vs. reporting)
        Jeanie Franz Ransom
    Telling Isn't Tattling (tattling vs. reporting)
    Arnie and His School Tools:  Simple Sensory Solutions That Build Success
        Kathryn M. Hammerseng
        Jennifer Veenendall


    When Dinosaurs Die    by Laurie Krasny & Marc Brown                                                                       
    When Someone Very Special Dies    by Marge Heegaard
    Don't Despair on Thursdays!    by Adolph Moser
    Help Me Say Goodbye   by Janis Silverman
    The Tenth Good Thing About Barney                                                          
        Judith Viorst
    A Special Place for Charlee
        Debby Morehead
    I'll Always Love You
        Hans Wilhelm
    Cat Heaven
        Cynthia Rylant
    Dog Heaven
        Cynthia Rylant