•  TES Mission Statement
    Vision Statement
    Timberline Elementary is a place that changes the world! Every student, every teacher, every parent is driven by a passion for learning which illuminates every corner of our lives.
    Belief Statements

    We Believe:

    • The student is the most important person on campus.
    • A child deserves a school that values his/her individuality with equal respect, attention, and importance.
    • All children will learn. Each student is challenged to reach his/her full potential In inspiring lifelong learning.
    • Instructional excellence and academic success is achieved through a variety of means.
    • Character growth is vital to the development of the child.
    • Timberline Elementary is a safe and welcoming environment.
    • Academic success is achieved through the collaboration of students, parents and teachers.
    • Collaboration among students, teachers, parents and community is essential and empowering.
    • Honest communication makes us stronger.
    • The Timberline elementary community has the courage to face challenges and the commitment to find solutions.
    • The worth of our school community is defined by the actions of our hearts and in the celebration of every success.
    • Excellence is the standard.