• Campus Excellence Committee

    The purpose of the Campus Excellence Committee (CEC) at Timberline Elementary School is to ensure the implementation of site-based decision making as outlined by the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District Site-Based Decision Making Plan. The result of site-based decision making is improved student achievement and enhanced school and community involvement. Site-based decision making will ensure student sensitive decision making is carried out in a way that

    • focuses on student achievement and promotes continuous improvement
    • ensures that collaborative decision making occurs closest to the level of impact
    • encourages creativity in the decision-making process
    • recognizes the uniqueness of the Timberline campus within GCISD
    • builds trust and mutual respect among the campus and community
    • promotes open communication
    • creates a sense of community
    • values the time and commitment necessary for optimal implementation
    • effectively utilizes available resources

    Membership for 2017-2018: The Timberline CEC is comprised of the following members:

    Shelley Ingram, Principal-Facilitator
    Jade Wiseman, Assistant Principal
    Daniela Flores, Learning Liaison
    Irene Sotelo, Student Support Specialist 
    Nancy Corona, Teacher Representative-Kindergarten
    Cristina Williams, Teacher Representative-1st Grade
    Chloe Edwards, Teacher Representative-2nd Grade
    Yesenia Casas, Teacher Representative-3rd Grade
    Lenci Alvares, Teacher Representative-4th Grade
    Leigh Steele, Teacher Representative-5th Grade
    Kim Brewer, Teacher Representative-Special Education
    Robert Beale, Specials
    Linda Kaiser, Parent Representative
    Aviva Baff, Parent Representative
    Dana McCormick, Business Representative