• Third Grade Tiger Tid-bits

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     Humanities, Math, Science.... Gotta learn 'em all!


    When should my child arrive?

                It is important for your child to arrive before 7:40.  We will be preparing for our day and taking care of morning procedures before the tardy bell rings.

    When will my child be counted tardy?

                The tardy bell rings at 7:40 and valuable class time begins.

    When should I make appointments?

                Whenever possible please schedule appointments during non-instructional times or after school.

    What if my child is tardy or absent?

                Please call the office at 817-251-5770 to inform them of your child’s absence so we can account for the absence and safety of your child.  Have your child bring in a note upon return explaining the reason for the absence/tardy with your signature so we will have it on record. 

    What is a Friday Folder?

                Friday folders will go home every Friday afternoon with graded work, notes, and our third grade newsletter.  These are to be brought back on Monday morning.



    When will my child have homework and how often should they read?

              Homework will go home Monday-Thursday.  Third graders need to be reading a minimum of twenty minutes a night and recording the name of their books and minutes in their reading logs. 


    Conduct Calendar

    How can I keep track of my child’s conduct and work habits?

                 Conduct calendars will come home daily in their Daily Folders.  Please check it daily and sign on Mondays so that any concerns about behavior or classroom needs can be addressed immediately.  Conduct grades will come from this calendar.  See calendar for grading criteria.  This is just one of the many ways we communicate with you. 



    How will grades be given on report cards?

                Your child will be given numeric grades in all of the content areas. All special classes, including conduct and work habits, will be graded with an E, S, or N.



    What should I do to set up a conference or contact the teacher?

                The best way to contact us is through email or calling the office during our planning time between 8:30 a.m. and 9:20 a.m.  After school would also be a great time to call.  We will also be in touch when we feel it is necessary to discuss the needs of your child.  We believe working together as a team to meet your child’s needs is essential. 



    How can I get more involved?

                       Volunteers are needed for field trips, class parties, and daily needs within the school.  Please contact your child's teacher or the office for information about  the volunteer online application, or click here to start the process. I hope you will consider signing up  as a homeroom parent or volunteer.  All volunteers and chaperones will need to complete the information necessary including a background check.


    Class Parties and Field Trips

    What celebrations and special outings will my child be taking part in?

                Timberline has two official parties during the year.  There is a holiday celebration in December and a Valentine’s celebration in February.  We will take two field trips this year, one in the first semester and one in the 2nd semester.

    Can my child bring birthday treats?

                Birthday treats are welcome.  Make sure they are store bought, and we will enjoy them at the end of the day.  Please make sure your child’s teacher is aware of any food allergies.


    Snack and Water Bottles

    Can my child bring a snack to school?

                Healthy snacks that are not high in sugar or fat are encouraged but not required.  Water bottles may be kept in the classroom to drink throughout the day.