• Bridges Accelerated Learning Center is an academic alternative school that provides an opportunity for "at-risk" students to complete the required course work necessary for high school graduation.

    Mission Statement
    Bridges Accelerated Learning Center believes in the potential within each student to succeed. Our mission is to provide opportunities and support for each student to reach educational, personal, and occupational goals.


    Students will acquire the skills to:
    • Become more responsible for their learning
    • Attain a high school diploma
    • Become productive citizens
    • Become life-long learners
    • Accelerate graduation
    Students are able to graduate on the Minimum or Recommended Plan as outlined in the GCISD Program of Studies.
    Acceptance to Bridges is contingent upon an application and successful interview with staff at Bridges.

    If you are considering Bridges, here are the steps to help you with the process:
    1.  Meet with your home campus counselor to discuss if Bridges is a fit for you
    2.  Get an application.  You and your guardian will first fill out your portion.  You must then get your counselor and teacher
         recommendations completed. 
    3.  Turn in your application to home campus counselor.
    4.  Will be contacted for an interview with Bridges principal.
Last Modified on August 23, 2013