• Classroom Expectations
     As a class we answer these questions and have them posted in the classroom once all are in agreement.

    What is my responsibility as a student?

    How will we resolve conflict?

    How do I want to be treated by my teacher?

    How should we treat each other?

    How should we treat Mrs. Waters?


    G.A.T.O.R.:Getting A Terrific Organizational Routine –Binder System

          Fourth grade continues to use a binder system to help students organize their papers. The binder will go home with the student each day and must be returned the following day. Notes or papers that need to be returned to school will be put in the “Take Home” folder.  Please be sure to check this folder nightly.  After graded papers are returned to the student, they will be put in the “Take Home” folder in their binder.  These papers should be taken out daily and kept at home. There is also a "Homework" folder to help your child easily find their completed work when it is collected in class.  Please help guide your child in organizing the papers in the correct folders.  Each subject has a separate folder for class work in progress or subject notes and we may occasionally ask students to keep a graded assignment in their subject folder to refer to at a later time.  Please do not remove papers from any subject folders in the binderRemoving papers from the subject folders can cause a great deal of stress for your child when he/she cannot find it during class.