• Fragments and Run-ons

    George Orwell's term "doublespeak" referring to the intentional use of language to confuse or mislead, as when one says "revenue enhancement" instead of "tax increase." (Participial Phrase, Adverb Clause)

    In a poignant account, the documentary describing the arduous trek that hundreds of Mormon families made over the Rocky Mountains in the nineteenth century. (Participial Phrase)

    By attracting new industry when the old factory closed, the council kept the economy of the town from collapsing, this was a disaster many workers had feared.

    Before reading the front page of the newspaper, my sister reads the sports section, my brother reads the comics first.

    H. Ford Douglqas, one of the few Black soldiers in White regiments during the early part of the Civil War, and eventually to recruit and command his own unit.