• Creating a New Vision for CTE: Academic and Technical Studies

    “Engaged Learning”

    Align new and existing career/technical curricula with essential college and career-readiness standards.
    Create a flexible system of optional career pathways in high schools “Program of Studies” to help better prepare all students for college and careers.
    Create a framework that keeps students’ future options open by developing career/technical and academic programs that:
    • link middle school CTE to high school POS
    • link high school POS to postsecondary studies and careers;
    • blend academic and technical studies; and
    • connect students to a goal.

    Assess the contributions career/technical education can make to improving students’ academic and technical achievement.


    Prepare and enable career/technical teachers to teach essential academic skills through application in authentic activities, projects and problems.
Last Modified on December 7, 2017