• Grammar 
    Students learn grammar and mechanics in the context of reading and writing.  We incorporate it into our writing workshop model by using published authors as mentors.  We will add items to our "editing checklist" as the year progresses.  These items will be skills we have examined, practiced, and will be held accountable to use when writing.   
    Every other Monday, students are given a new list of words to work with and learn.  Here is a look at possible activities for these sorts.  I encourage you to continue these activities at home every night. 

    Monday: Cut out the words and sort them into categories.  Write the headers and words down in your grammar/spelling spiral (black spiral).

    Tuesday: Work with a partner doing a blind sort.  Put down one word from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud to your partner.  Your partner will indicate where the word goes without seeing it.  Put the word down and your partner will move it to the correct category.  You will switch and repeat.

    Wednesday: Go on a word hunt.  Look for words in a book that have the same sound, pattern, or both.  Try to find two or three for each category and write them in your grammar/spelling spiral under the appropriate header.

    Thursday: Work with a partner doing a writing sort.  One partner will randomly call out the words and the other partner will write them down into the appropriate categories.  You will then switch, repeat, and check over each one.

    Friday: Review and get ready for the spelling quiz!