• What time does school start and end? 

    Grades K-5
    7:40 a.m. to 2:55 p.m.

    How big is Glenhope?

    Currently, Glenhope has about 490 students.  We have 18 classrooms from grades K-5, and each class typically has 20-22 students. We also have 9 ASPIRE Academy classes, which is our district's "school within a school" for highly gifted students. A state law currently mandates class sizes for K-4 at no greater than 22 students in each room.

    What about birthday celebrations?

    No balloons, flowers or any similar items will be delivered to your child's classroom during the school day. 
    The Texas Department of Agriculture has issued a policy regarding birthday celebrations at school. Birthday celebrations or recognitions that involve food of any kind MAY NOT be held in the cafeteria at all during the time that meals are being served. Your child is welcome to bring an INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED snack or birthday pencil to be passed out to each class member at the end of the day. There are NO exceptions to this policy. 
    Birthday party invitations may be passed out at school only if every child in the classroom receives one. You may not pass out invitations to select children in other classrooms. If an incident occurs in which a child is left out, then all of the invitations will be collected and returned to you. Please confirm with your child's teacher how he/she would like for the distribution of invitations to be handled.