Glenhope Parent Involvement Policy

As a Title One campus, Glenhope actively looks for ways to increase parent involvement in the education of students. The following policy was adopted by the Glenhope CEC in January of 2010.

Glenhope Elementary

Parental Involvement Policy



Statement of Purpose

Glenhope Elementary is dedicated to the success of all students. The faculty and staff believe that parents are vital partners with teachers and other staff in the education of their children. At Glenhope Elementary, we believe that parent involvement is essential to the success of our children.


We are committed to:


  • Respecting parents as partners in the education of their children and honoring their role as first and life-long teachers
  • Expecting high academic achievement for all students
  • Promoting parent involvement through site-based leadership and decision-making
  • Fostering a welcoming and responsive environment for all parents
  • Establishing and promoting open communication as a source of information and trust between the Glenhope Elementary staff and parents


Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy

The Campus Excellence Committee will develop and revise the Glenhope Parental Involvement Policy. The CEC will be comprised of parents, teachers, staff members, administrators, and community members. The opportunity to serve on this committee will be publicized and representative of the diversity of the student population.

Parental Involvement Opportunities

Glenhope Elementary values the partnership of parents in their children’s education. There are many ways parents can make significant contributions to student success at home, by volunteering at school, and by participating in school partnership opportunities.  These include:

  • Meet the Teacher Night
  • Curriculum Night
  • PAT Curriculum Night
  • Parent Writing Training
  • PTA meetings/programs
  • Volunteer Trainings
  • Mentor Programs
  • Open House
  • Family Celebrations of Success
  • Classroom Volunteer
  • Dad’s Club activities
  • Family outreach activities (including those with Grapevine Police Dept.)
  • Holiday parties and field trips


In addition, there are opportunities to develop more informal partnerships with the school by participating in:

  • Dad’s Club Sock Hop
  • Choir/Special Group Programs
  • Gator Games
  • Dad’s Club Spaghetti Supper
  • Holiday Pancake Breakfast
  • Veteran’s Day program
  • Talent Show
  • 5th grade softball game
  • Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
  • Holiday sing-a-long
  • PTA winter social
  • PTA fall festival
  • Dad’s Club Gator Gallop
  • Heritage Day


Reservation of Funds

Glenhope Elementary will set aside at least 1% of Title I funds for the purpose of furthering parental involvement. The principal will consult with the Campus Excellence Committee about the use of the funds designated for parental involvement.


Annual Meetings

Glenhope Elementary will hold Curriculum Night during the first three weeks of the school year.  At this meeting the Title I program will be described, the Parental Involvement Policy will be distributed and reviewed, and opportunities for parent participation will be explained. Parents also may volunteer to serve on the Campus Excellence Committee.  An additional Title I meeting will be held in a morning Principal’s coffee during the first six weeks of school.

Parents will be informed about the meeting by email, school web site, newsletters, and notices sent home with students.

School-Parent Compact

Glenhope Elementary will work with the CEC to annually develop, review, and revise the school-parent compact. This compact will identify the responsibilities of the staff to provide high-level curriculum and instruction, and the expectations of the parents to provide support in their child’s learning. The compacts will be distributed on the school website, sent home with students, and discussed at parent-teacher conferences.



With the involvement of parents, Glenhope Elementary School will conduct an annual evaluation of the content and success of the school parental involvement policy on the level of parent participation. This evaluation will include identifying barriers to greater participation by parents. The school will use evaluation findings to design strategies for more effective parental involvement, and to revise, if necessary, its parent involvement policies. Evaluation procedures include the following:

  • annually survey parents to determine the level of participation and to identify barriers that have prevented participation;
  • annually use survey results, volunteer data base, and other resources as baseline data for the upcoming year;
  • establish a parental involvement participation goal for the next school year;
  • develop and implement strategies to increase parental involvement based on evaluation results.


Glenhope Elementary is committed to the success of students.  We will work together with parents to monitor the effectiveness of our Parental Involvement and Title I programs and to provide excellence in education.



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