• History of Glenhope Elementary

    Glenhope was originally the name of a "siding" on the railroad track between the neighboring cities of Bransford and Grapevine. A siding is a short section of railroad track connected by switches with a main track. The Glenhope siding did not have a section house or any buildings. Nothing of the Glenhope siding remains today. Before our school was completed in 1995, a citizens advisory committee was appointed by the school board and given the task of naming the new school. This committee researched local history and also considered names submitted by students, parents, and community members. The list was narrowed down to the following three names which the committee presented to the school board:

    • Park Hill Elementary
    • Glenhope Elementary
    • Pool Elementary

    In February 1995, the school board voted unanimously to adopt the name Glenhope. When our doors first opened in the Fall of 1995, we had an enrollment of 446 students. We are currently home to approximately 471 students.