• Cornell Notes
    Welcome to the tutorial on Cornell Notes. 


    Table of Documents for Taking Cornell Notes


    Link to Ms. Batik’s video on Cornell Notes





    Document explaining what to use the left hand column of your Cornell Notes to do



    Left Column of Cornell Notes 



    Document from the Onodaga-Cortland-Madison Counties webpage in New York explaining how to write Essential Questions.  Original webpage link is: www.ocmboces.org/tfiles/folder1682/OHS_EssentialQuestions.pdf



    Guide on How to Write Essential Questions



    Template for writing Cornell Notes (with the right hand column blank)



    Cornell Notes BLANK template


    Template for writing Cornell Notes (with right hand column having lines)



    Cornell Notes LINED template 


    Instructions for the Cornell Note Process (when do you make them, when do you go over them, how do you study using them?)







Last Modified on August 25, 2012