• Dress Code:


    Students are expected wear athletic shoes in Physical Education. These shoes should have scuff-proof soles. Flip flops, cleated shoes, and shoes with rollers will not be allowed. If your child does not want to wear athletic shoes to school, please send them in their backpack.


    Girls should wear shorts under dresses or skirts.


    Please help your child be responsible. Children will not be allowed to participate without proper attire. Failure to wear the appropriate attire will result in a lowered participation grade.




    Please send a note, if your child needs to be excused from P.E.  A simple, parent note can excuse a child from activity for up to three days.  A doctor’s note is required, if the child must miss three or more days of activity.


    If a child brings a doctor’s/parent note excluding him/her from physical education, the same restrictions will apply at recess. Doctor’s notes will be the guideline for when your child is allowed to return to physical activity. If your doctor's note excuses your child, either have the doctor put a return date on the note or a second note permitting a return to activity will be required. 


    The following behavior responsibilities will apply to all students:

    * Be responsible and treat others and equipment with respect.

    * Follow all directions the first time given.

    * Keep hands, feet and negative comments to yourself.
    * Raise your hand and wait for permission before speaking or moving during instruction.

    * Use equipment as intended.