• Colleyville Heritage High School
    Heidi Molina Martinez
    Classroom: A220

    Welcome to class!

    Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication.
    If you know only one language, you live only once.
    (Czech proverb)

    Spanish I and Spanish II. During class, the student will be exposed daily to the Spanish language and culture. I believe in the natural language learning system, like when we were children and we were not afraid to try. In addition to this, the student will also participate in a variety of activities in the classroom to improve their communication skills.

    § Blue or black pens.
    § Highlighter.
    § Notebook paper.
    § One folder with brads.

    Spanish IV:  In addition to your regular notebook, you will need a composition notebook.

    Classroom Expectations:
    All rules and disciplinary procedures outlined in the GCISD Student Handbook will be followed. Additionally, I expect my students to:

    § Be respectful; treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect and be polite to everyone.
    § Be prompt; be ready to learn when class begins.
    § Be safe; any behavior that takes away from the safety of this classroom will not be tolerated. Obey all school rules.
    § Be cooperative; be prepared to work together with everyone in our classroom. Spanish class requires a lot of practice.
    § Be prepared; be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

    Consequences of not following expectations:
    1st time a student breaks a rule:                            Warning
    2nd time:                                                                 Student-teacher conference
    3rd time:                                                                  Parent contact
    4th time:                                                                  Office referral
    Severe disruption:                                                 Student will be referred immediately to the office

    Grading Policy:
    Spanish II
    60 % projects, tests.

    40% quizzes, class work, daily assignments.
    Spanish IV
    60% projects, tests.
    30% quizzes, class work, daily assignments.

    A student may retest or redo a failing major project or test. A student must receive reteaching before being eligible to retest or redo. The reteaching will occur outside of the normal class time. The maximum grade on a retest or redo is seventy percent. ( 70 % ) The retesting must be complete prior to the end of the grading period. A student will only be allowed to retest/redo an assignment once.

    Late work:
    One late assignment, which must be turned in the next day, will be accepted per grading period for a maximum grade of 70.

    Conference time & Tutorials:
    Conference time: 3rd period.
    I am available to meet with students and parents. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.