• Welcome to the future!  
    You will be part of a Digital Learning Environment for Math and Science for the 2017-2018 school year!! 
    Math and Science will look somewhat different this year.  As we embark on our learning process you will be immersed in a digital environment where risk-taking is encouraged, problem solving is represented and YOU are responsible for your learning!
    As your teacher I will become more of a facilitator to your learning as you reach beyond expectations that you may have set for yourself.  We will be using Problem-Based Learning throughout the year which requires you to use critical thinking skills as well as mastering your content in order to address a REAL WORLD problem that you and your team will solve, using your knowledge of what we are learning, and present it in a digital format.
    Each student will have an Samsung Chromebook to use throughout the year to find resources, conduct research, and make final presentations.
    I look forward to embarking on this journey with each of you!!