Mosquito-Borne illnesses

  • Mosquito-Borne illnesses are a continued concern, and the GCISD Health Services department wants to help students and families stay safe with the following tips and resources. 
    Know the 4Ds: Dawn, Dusk...and Day, Dress, DEET and Drain
    According to the Texas Department of Agriculture, students may bring mosquito repellants containing DEET to school, as long as it is handled through the nurse like any other medicine brought to the campus. 
    Departments across GCISD will also work together to DRAIN any standing water and make sure the grounds are inspected for areas and equipment that may harbor standing water and mosquito hiding places. With vigilance and education about the ways to avoid and prevent mosquitoes (the 4Ds) and their breeding grounds, we can combat this concern and stay in compliance.
Last Modified on November 15, 2016