ESL  -  English as a Second Language

    Girl in Library

    "When you learn a new language you  gain another world." 

                            - Goethe

     Mission of Curriculum and Instruction
    We are a community of learners linking other communities of learners.
    Vision of Curriculum and Instruction
    Curriculum and Instruction works in an interconnected manner using research based practices and processes that empower educators to make strategic decisions that result in meaningful student work, student-centered instruction and reflective practice for all.

    Jodi Cox
    Director - World Languages
    Tel. 817 251 5496

    Lupita Gonzalez
    Administrative Assistant
    Tel. 817 251 5518

Did you know?

  • GCISD services more than 2,000 students whose native language is not English. In fact, GCISD is home to close to 50 different native languages.

Last Modified on October 20, 2017