•                 Classroom Expectations





         I believe that we all have talent, but our talents may not always be in art! I do expect my students to always give it their best effort, however, no matter what their ability.   I teach projects using  open ended lesson plans. This gives students who may not be as creative, the opportunity to do just as well as those who's ideas go beyond the minimum requirements.  Therefore,every child can feel successful in what they do and feel proud of their accomplishments.  
                             The Arts
      The arts are much more than just fun "extra" activities for kids. Studies have shown the far-reaching benefits of an arts education.
                    * Improve kids' overall academic performance
                    * Show that kids actively engaged in arts education are likely to have higher test scores than those with little
                       to no involvement. 
                    * Develop skills need by the 21st century workforce:critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective 
                       communication, teamwork, and more.
                    * Teach kids to be more tolerent and open.
                    * Allow kids to express themselves and bolster their self-confidence.
                    * Keep students engaged in school and less likely to drop out.     
          In order to achieve these successes, students are expected to follow classroom rules:
                         *  Listen carefully
                         *  Use supplies correctly
                         *  Be courteous and responsible
                         *  Follow directions the first time given
                         *  Everyone cleans up until the job is done
                         *  Have fun!
                                Project grades:                                                                     Conduct grades:
                            E- excellent work                                                               E- 0-1 conduct checks
                                    work complete
                                     work on time                                                                         S- 2-3 conduct checks
                                 meets objectives                                                               N- 4-5 conduct checks
                             shows more than min. requirements                            U- 6 or more conduct checks
                                 all objectives met
                              thinks outside the box
                        goes above and beyond
                            S- satisfactory
                                good work
                               work complete
                           minimum requirements met
                                 meets objectives
                            N- needs improvement
                                 little or no effort
                                 work incomplete
                                 talking more than working