• Project Based Learning (PBL)

    This year, Scholars will be learning Science and Social Studies using the PBL (Project Based Learning) method. PBL is an authentic, real-world type of learning where students receive a problem they have to solve. PBLs have a lot of community involvement. Below are a few links from The Buck Institute (bie.org), who specialize in PBLs. Please take a moment to look at them and familiarize yourself with this new method of learning.

    YouTube Video on PBL: http://youtu.be/LMCZvGesRz8
    Article on PBL (you must download file to view): http://www.bie.org/tools/freebies/main_course_not_dessert

    Collaboration & Presentation Rubrics
  • Current Social Studies PBL Documents
  • Current Science PBL Documents