• La Academia Aspire está diseñada para cumplir con las necesidades académicas y afectivas de los alumnos excepcionales dentro del grupo de alumnos superdotados de GCISD. Para tener derecho a ser parte de la academia, los alumnos deben ser identificados como un alumno superdotado (GT por sus siglas en inglés, Gifted and Talented) y tener una puntuación en su calificación de aptitud de 140 o mejor en cualquiera de las áreas. Evaluaciones adicionales pueden ser administradas a nivel de su propia escuela, según sea necesario.  En estos momentos estamos aceptando solicitudes para los grados de 1º-8º de estudiantes nuevos o de estudiantes que apenas han sido identificados como estudiantes superdotados, pero quienes no habían solicitado a la Academia ASPIRE.


    The Grapevine-Colleyville ASPIRE Academy serves highly gifted students in grades 1-8 and is designed to meet the academic and affective needs of exceptional students within the GCISD gifted population. In order to be eligible for the Academy, students must be identified as a GT student and have a qualifying aptitude score of 140 or above in any one area. Additional assessments may be administered at the local campus level as necessary. Parents are invited to refer their child by completing the ASPIRE Academy application found on the Advanced Academics website. 

    ASPIRE Academy is housed at Glenhope Elementary School and Cross Timbers Middle School, which become the home campus for students who are accepted. Transportation will be provided from the student’s home campus, although parents may opt out of the bus service.

    Step 1: Submit an Application

    Applications will be accepted online between designated dates. Only completed applications will be accepted.

    Step 2: Application Review

    Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed to determine program eligibility.

    Step 3: Additional Data Collection

    Additional data will be collected as needed for committee review. Once all data has been reviewed, a placement decision will be made and the parent/guardian will be notified.


    Step 4: Parent Notification

    The committee decision regarding placement will be communicated to the parent/guardian. Students who have met the district criteria for the ASPIRE Academy will then receive an “Intent to Attend” electronic notification which must be returned to secure a spot in the Academy.

Last Modified on March 9, 2017