• Heritage Elementary Second Grade Discipline Plan


    In order to guarantee your child and all students in our class the excellent learning climate they deserve, we will utilize the following citizenship plan:

    1. Respect yourself - Participate, do your work, and follow directions.

    2. Respect adults - Follow directions in all areas of our school.  Speak respectfully to all adults.

    3. Respect other students - Stay quiet in the halls and keep hands and feet to self.

    4. Respect HES - Take care of our building and resources.


    1. Praise

    2. Special individual privileges

    3. Special class activities or rewards

    4. Positive phone calls or notes sent home


    1. First Offense - Warning

    2. Second Offense - Check in take home folder

    3. Third Offense - Check in folder and recess consequence (5 min of walking or time-out)

    **Parent phone calls as needed

    **Severe disruptions will be sent to the office immediately


    We pride ourselves on being extremely positive in second grade.  We feel strongly about focusing on students’ positive behaviors.  This helps avoid many potential discipline problems.  We believe that positive reinforcement is the core of good discipline.