• Homework


    Book bags with a variety of 5-7 books will be sent home with your child each week in his/her classroom book bag.  Groups of students will book shop on an assigned day of the week and take the books home to read nightly for a week. Please listen to your child read these book each night. Take home readers should be returned to school on your child's book shopping day. 


    Have your child study spelling nightly. Feel free to choose the method that works best for your child. Tests are given on Fridays. Retests are not given for failing grades.  Spelling also consists of spelling words correctly with consistency in daily work and writing. 

    Ideas for Spelling practice:
    Spelling City
    Spelling out loud using funny voices (robot voice, animal voice, whisper voice, mouse voice, etc...) 
    Rainbow Write the words (bubble letters, squiggle letters, etc...)
    Write words in shaving cream 
    Word Cloud app
    Magnetic ABC app 
    Throw, kick, catch, swing or shoot as each word is spelled 

    Math Fact Fluency practice is essential to mastering addition and subtraction. While fact fluency will be a part of daily math in the classroom, practice should continue nightly at home as well.  
    Ideas for Fact Fluency practice:
    XtraMath (teacher will set up and send home login information)
    Throw, kick, catch, swing or shoot as each fact is practiced
    Sushi Monster app
    ABCya- website with many math fact practice games 


    Please encourage your child to use upper & lower case letters where appropriate. Please note: upper case letter are used only at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. If a child uses upper case letters inappropriately, it is a very difficult to break this habit.