• Take Flight Homework Expectations
    Each student has a binder.
    1. As we begin our lessons, students will be practicing cursive writing.
    2. They will also be reading from their RAP sheets. If the RAP sheet has just letters on it, have them name the letters in one section and say the sounds in another section. Otherwise you will notice it is just words. Ask them what they notice about the words. Please read the page once.
    3. Students will also be practicing instant words. They are used very often in our language so it is important to know them quickly. 
    4. Students will also be given a weekly spelling list to study. They will need to know the rule, how to code it, read it and write.
    5. File the daily papers AFTER the correct tab and behind the papers in that section once you have completed the homework. This will keep them in order.
    6. RATE -  In Book 3, we change the schedule of our lessons. We will have A and B days. On A days, we will have a regular lesson that includes new learning. On B days, we will be working on fluency and reviewing concepts that may still be challenging. These homework pages are on colored paper and they are all kept together after the RATE tab. These pages are used in class, so it is imperative that students have those filed in order. 
    7. Bring the binder daily.