• Fifth Grade Math:
    Problem Solving 
    *Incorporated into all concepts throughout the nine weeks
    1st Nine Weeks
    *Read pictographs, bar graphs, double bar graphs, line graphs, tally charts, and Venn diagrams
    *Coordinate graphs, Ordered Pairs, -X and -Y axis
    *Use tables to make line graphs
    *Use median, mode, and range
    Number Concepts with Whole Numbers and Decimals
    *Place Value through the Billions
    *Decimal Place Value through the Thousandths
    *Compare and order whole numbers and decimals
    *Round whole numbers and decimals
    *Relate decimals to fractions
    *Written, standard, and expanded form
    Addition and Subtraction with Problem Solving
    *Add and subtract to solve problems
    *Add and subtract decimals
    *Estimate sums and differences
    *Estimate to find reasonableness
    *Multiply to solve problems
    *3-digit by 2-digit numbers
    *Estimate for reasonableness
    *List multiples
    *Find common factors
    *Prime and composite numbers
    2nd Nine Weeks
    *Dividing 3-digit by 2-digit
    *Multi-step problems
    *Estimate for reasonableness
    Patterns, Relationships and Algebraic Expressions
    *Describing relationship between sets of data
    *Write an equation, number sentence, and expression to represent story problems
    Fractional Concepts
    *Begin with manipulative
    *Generate equivalent fractions
    *Simplify fractions
    *Compare fractions
    *Relate fractions to decimals
    *Improper and mixed fractions