2017 GMS CROSS COUNTRY
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     1st Meet Results: Heritage Invitaional 
    Tuesday night the Ponies ran in their first Cross Country Meet of the season. The 8th Grade Boys A Squad places first with 32 points. The 8th Grade  B Squad placed 1st with 25 points. 7th Grade Boys A Squad places 3rd with 68 points and the 7th Grade B Squad places 4th with 89 points. 7th Grade Runner of the week was James Hines. 8th Grade runner of the week Brian Guerva. Great Job guys on a great week of preparation.   
    Places:  8th Grade A Squad-Walker St.John 1st overall-11:08, Josue Granados 2nd overall-11:32, Brian Guerva 8th overall 12:02 and finishing out the top 10 was Alex Morales 9th overall 12:32. 8th Grade B Squad- Damien Lezama 2nd overall 12:40. Skyler Wright 3rd overall 12:50. Micheal Milano 4th overall 13:17. Matthew Monson 7th overall 13:17 and rounding out the top 10 was Austin Kelsoe 9th overall  13:37
    7th Grade A Squad- Alberto Rayon places 2nd overall-8:21. Austin Fye finishes just outside of the top 10 finishing 11th overall-9:21. 7th Grade B Squad- Logan Vorachard finished 8th overall-9:50. The Ponies run their next meet Nov 28th at CTMS. 
    2nd Meet Results: GMS Invitational
    Last night the Ponies ran in thier second meet of the year.  The 8th Grade A Squad finished 3rd with 70 points. Coming off the Thanksgiving break, not having 3 of thier top 5 runners and windy condititions were not enough to prevent the Ponies from giving an awesome effort.
    Places: 8th Grade A Squad-Josue Granados finished 2nd overall with a personal best of 11:18. Brian Guerva finished 6th overall with a personl best of 11:50. Finishing in the top 20 was Alex Morales with a time of 12:18. Rounding out the top 20 was Skyler Wright with a time of 12:40. The 8th Grade B Squad placed second overall with 204 points. Austin Kelsoe finshed 10th overall with a time of 13:06. Gabriel Ponce finshed 30th overall with a time of 13:59. Isaac Luke-Hewitt finished 63rd overall with a time of 16:02. Daniel Mason finished 63rd overall with a time of 16:16. Jack Coffee fnished 76th with a time of 16:53
    7th Grade A Squad finished 4th overall with 90 points. These young men lost two of thier top runners only hours prior to the meet. Not to be stopped, these young men ran with great heart and determination. Alberto Rayon placed 1st overall with a time of 8:23. Austin Fye finished 15th with a time of 9:03. Finishing right outside of the top 20 was Cole Colmer with a time of 9:30. The 7th Grade B Squad finished first overall with 94 points. Ryan Wolter finshed 10th overall with a time of 9:49. Brian Zapata finished 17th overall with a time of 10:06. Josue Beltran finished 18th overall with a time of 10:07. Ethan Hill finished 21st overall with a time of of 10:09. Evan Gonzales finished 26th overall with a time of 10:17. The ponies run next at CTMS. This will be our District Meet. The Ponies hope to finish strong in this meet. 
    3rd Meet Results: GCISD District Meet
    Tonight the Ponies ran in the GCISD District Meet. The Ponies had a remarkable night of running. At the close of the meet, the Ponies would walk away with 4 District Championships. The 8th Grade A squad had 30 points for a 1st place win. The 7th Grade A Squad had 30 points for a 1st place win. The 8th Grade B Squad had 28 points for a 1st place win and rounding out the District Championship sweep was the 7th Grade B squad with 18 points and a 1st place win. Congrats to all four squads on their District Championships. 
    Places: 8th Grade A Squad-Walker St John 1st place-10:57, Josue Granados 3rd place-11:25, Byran Guerva 5th place-11:30, Damien Lezama 9th place-11:55,Alex Morales 12th place-12:04,Skyler Wright 17th place-12:35 and Matthew Monson 21st place-13:04. 8th Grade B Squad-Chris Morales 2nd place-12:40, Christian Begley 3rd place-12:47, Austin Kelsoe 5th place-13:00, Micheal Milano 7th place-13:02 and Mark Hanna 11th place-13:21
    7th Grade A Squad-Alberto Rayon 1st place-8:33, Austin Fye 3rd place-9:07, D'Shawn Grey 4th place-9:10, Cole Comer 7th place-9:17, Logan Vorachard 15th place-9:28, Gavin Richardson 16th place- 9:32. Kameron Shleton 17th place-9:34. 7th Grade B Squad-Jorge Pozos 1st place-9:25, Ryan Wolter 2nd place-9:25.1, Saxton Staley 3rd place-9:26, James Hines 5th place-9:27, Jose Beltran 7th place-10:10, Victor Mar 13th place-10:14, Evan Gonzalez 17th place-10:19. Congrats to all of our teams and runners tonight. Their hard work this week paid off in a big way. This Saturday the Ponies run at Wagon Wheel park in the Zone Cross Country Meet. The Ponies hope to ride momentum into the Zone Meet and once again perform well.
    4th Meet Results: Zone Meet 
    Today the Ponies ran in the end of the year Zone Meet at Coppell, TX. The 8th Grade boys fought the good fight even as their 3rd number runner was unable to run today. Overall the 8th Grade boys would finish in 4th place, missing 3rd place by 1 point with a total of 95 points.
    Places: 8th Grade A Squad- Walker St John placed 1st overall with a tie of 10:48.14. Josue Granado finished 4th overall with a time of 11:20.24. Rounding out the top 25 was Damian Lezama finishing 23rd overall with a time of 12:00.  Skylar Wright- 12:21, Christan Begley-12:30, Alex Morales-12:31, and Chris Morales 122:53 rounded out the A squad performances. 8th Grade B Squad: The B squad had one runner in the top 25. Austin Kelseo finished 4th overall with a time of 13:01. 7th Grade A Squad:  Alberto Rayon finished 2nd overall with a time of 8:07.17. Austin Fye finished 13th overall with a time of 8:44. Rounding out the top 25 finshing 22nd overall was D'shawn Grey with a time of 8:56. Cole Comer-9:14.27, Ryan Wolter-9:18.35, Gavin Richardson 9:18.89,  and Saxton Staley 9:25 rounded out the A Squad perfomances. 7th Grade B Squad: The B Squad had two runners finish in the top 20. Kameron Shelton finished 7th overall with a time of 9:28. James Hines finished 16th overall with a time of 9:43. I can't express my gratitude for the hard work these young men put in every week. What a great season!