• Greetings!
    I am excited to be a part of the Collegiate Academy team and even more excited to get to know and be able to support our families and students. 
    I attended the University of Texas at Austin. While there, I received a double major in Psychology and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Educational Psychology. I then pursued my Masters at New York University in Counseling and Guidance. Since 2013, I have been doing what I have always wanted to do...being a true advocate for students. The guide and support outside of the classroom, offering a safe space and ultimately being a resource. 
    Please make use of all available resources to guide you through any inquiries you might have. However, if there is anything I can assist with, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Catalina Roldán
    Catalina.Roldan@gcisd.net  817.515.6778 



    Lowest ranking GPA for each quartile: 

    Class of 2018:
    Quartile 1: 4.38000
    Quartile 2: 3.85714
    Quartile 3: 3.29630
    Class of 2019:
    Quartile 1: 4.71000
    Quartile 2: 4.33333
    Quartile 3: 3.70000
    Class of 2020:
    Quartile 1: 4.76667
    Quartile 2: 4.50000
    Quartile 3: 3.67500

    Top 10% GPA Cutoffs

    Class of 2018: 4.70303
    Class of 2019: 4.90000
    Class of 2020: 4.94000


     * updated 6/13/17
    For Class of 2018, class rank (for the top ten percent) shall be reported on a Certification of Class Rank at the end of the spring semester with the reporting of final grades. As a reminder, we do not rank students outside of the top ten percent.
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