•  In addition to their normal responsibilities in the district, the VALOR leadership team works hard to support the teachers of VALOR by: designing engaging learning experiences for our meetings, observing other teachers with small cohorts of teachers, reflecting with teachers about their instruction, and providing feedback to teachers for them to consider as they continue on their path of growth in VALOR.  
    • Dr. Suzanne Newell:  Executive Director for Learning in GCISD
    • Melanie Gonzales:  VALOR Lead, Instructional Coach
    • Rebecca Drummond:  Year Two Lead, Instructional Coach 
    • Shannon Crawford: Instructional Coach
    • Phillip Lentz:  Program Developer (no longer with the district)
    • Dr. John Doughney: Former Director for Learning in GCISD and lead supporter of VALOR
        Dr. Newell    Melanie Gonzales        Rebecca Drummond           Shannon Crawford                      Dr. Doughney
     Leadership group in action!
                                              VALOR original team