• Algebra II/Pre-Calculus
    Course for 2017-2018
    Placement for the 2017-18 course has been determined.  Placement process for 2018-19 will begin in February 2018. 
    Parent meeting was held on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.
    Click here to download the presentation.
    Only registered students may take the placement test.  The deadline to register to test has passed.
    Placement Test Date :  Tuesday, February 28, 2017
    Location: Grapevine High School, Lecture Hall, OR Colleyville Heritage High School, A320
    Students who take Pre-AP Geometry at CTMS will test during 1st and 2nd period at CTMS. 
    Only students currently enrolled in Pre-AP Geometry are eligible to take the placement test.
    Frequently Asked Questions:  http://www.gcisd-k12.org/Page/32103
    Registration deadline is Friday, February 24, at noon.  No exceptions.
    Calculators are not allowed on the placement test.  
    Topics that will be covered on placement test: 
    • Special right triangles
    • Evaluate an expression for a given value
    • Add, subtract, multiply, divide rational expressions
    • Know all exponent rules (not including rational exponents)
    • Factor- all types except sum and difference of cubes
    • Know the quadratic formula
    • Logic and mathematical reasoning
    • Solve inequalities
    • Solve equations, including absolute value equations
    • Graph linear systems
    • Solve a system of equations
    • Add, subtract, and multiply polynomials
    • Know the definition of a function, domain and range
    • Write equations of lines
    • Know how to decide if two lines are parallel or perpendicular (or neither)
    • Most topics are from Algebra 1 material since that is the review part of the Algebra 2 class that will be condensed.  Topics only covered in Algebra 2 were not included on this test.   Many questions are included to test the student’s ability to think logically and apply known math to new situations.  The material from Geometry should be current with what the students are learning this year.  
    If you have further questions, please contact:
    Jennifer Hylemon, Director of Mathematics

































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