• After School Activities Request Form
    **Fourth and Fifth Grade only**
    Please submit the form below to indicate your interest and availability for your child to participate in an after school activity.  This is merely a request.  If your child is placed in a session, you will be notified by email in advance.  All activities will run from 3-4pm.  Most activities will be of high intensity as it is intended to be sports based.  I highly recommend providing your child with a snack prior to the session.  It is possible that outdoor sessions may cancel due to weather.  I will attempt to notify you of schedule changes prior to noon on the day of the activity.  
    Thank you for encouraging your child to be involved in additional physical activity.  I aim to accommodate the interests of as many of our children as possible.  Please email or stop by with questions or for clarifications.  
    ***This program is intended to help our students that intend to compete in middle school sports.  It will aid in the development of both the needed physical skills and the mental concepts and strategies needed to be successful in sport at the next level.  These activities are sports based and will encompass the intensity and spirit of competition. However, each class is adjusted based on the experience and skill of each student.***

     Soccer, Thursday, February 1st


    Intermediate/Advanced Basketball, Friday, February 2nd