I will be a junior next year, how do these changes affect me?

    How will these changes affect my class rank?
    If approved, the district will now only calculate and report class rank for the top 10 percent.  We will, however, make sure that we communicate the lowest weighted GPA needed in order to be in the top 10 percent for those students who want to know how close they are to that threshold. We are putting this change into effect immediately so that our current juniors can take advantage of the competitive edge this offers if they are applying for early admission to college this summer. 
    How will the removal of class rank (outside the top 10 percent) affect automatic admissions for colleges? Can universities make a request for class rank for automatic admission?
    Automatic admissions are typically restricted to the top 10 percent. We will not calculate or report class rank outside of the top 10 percent, even if a request is made from a university. This encourages colleges to consider all aspects of our students’ experience such as course selection, extra-curricular activities, community service, leadership, etc. 
    How will these changes affect my GPA? Which table will I use when calculating my GPA?
    The proposed GPA scale will not affect your GPA.  You will use the GPA scale that we currently have in place to calculate your GPA. 
    I understand that incoming freshman and sophomores will use a different GPA scale and top 10 percent calculation. Why will we not be using the proposed GPA scale or top 10 percent calculation?
    As our work took shape, we understood that implementing changes to the GPA scale and how we calculate class rank for the top 10 percent would be challenging, especially for current students who have already completed significant levels of high school coursework. As we have worked further through the logistics and listened to feedback from our stakeholders, we have struggled with the unintended impacts such changes could have on our students in the middle of their high school careers.
    Are we setting up our students to be as competitive as other districts in the area and state?
    We believe that by restricting how we report class rank, we are aligning ourselves with many other highly competitive districts in the area and state.