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  • Overview
    The Psychological Services Department includes seven professional staff members.  Each of us is licensed by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists (TSBEP) as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP). As LSSPs, we work with staff to help students be more successful in their academics, behavioral choices, social skills, and emotional management. Working collaboratively with parents and staff, we examine issues that may contribute to student difficulties and then develop and provide interventions and supports specific to each student and situation. We participate in a student's ARD Committee as part of the student's Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE) to complete psychological evaluations and assessments in the areas of autism spectrum disorder, emotional disturbances, attention deficit conditions, functional behavioral assessments (FBA) to determine need for a behavior intervention plan (BIP), and related services counseling assessment to determine the student's need for that related service. Once a disabling condition and education need for services have both been established by the student's ARD committee, we provide, as determined by the ARD process, related services, both on an indirect and direct basis. Indirect psychological services include observation, as well as consultation with parents and staff regarding student behavior and progress in the school setting, including responses to various interventions. Direct psychological services include individual and group counseling, social skills instruction, BIP coaching and crisis intervention.
  • Contacts
    carmen brown
    Carmen Brown, Ph.D., LSSP
    Lead LSSP
    Grapevine High School
    (817) 305-5265
    James Depetro  
    James DePetro, Ph.D., LSSP
    Colleyville Heritage High School
    Cannon Elementary School 
    (817) 305-5328
     Jennifer DePetro
    Jennifer DePetro, Ph.D., LP, LSSP, BCBA
    Dove Elementary School
    iUniversity Prep 
    (817) 251-5774
    Amanda Weast, SSP., LSSP
    Bear Creek Elementary School
    Bransford Elementary School
    O.C. Taylor Elementary School 
    Emily Perry, M.S., LSSP
    Heritage Elementary School
    Heritage Middle School
    Timberline Elementary School 
    Katie Pierce  
    Katie Pierce, Ph.D., LSSP
    Grapevine Elementary School
    Colleyville Elementary School
    (817) 251-5237
    Audrey Riggs  
    Audrey Riggs, M.A., LSSP
    Cross Timbers Middle School
    Grapevine Middle School
    Silver Lake Elementary
    (817) 305-4842
    Mary Spencer-Huber, Ph.D., LSSP, BCBA
    Colleyville Middle School
    Glenhope Elementary School
    PPCD/Child Find
    (817) 251-4342

Last Modified on November 8, 2017