• 1st Nine Weeks:
    Team Building / Group Cooperation
    Physical Fitness - Fitness Gram Assessment
    General P.E. Activities
    Health Units:
    Health and Safety
    Personal and Interpersonal
    2nd Nine Weeks:
    P.E. Units
    Flag Football
    Racquet Games
    Holiday Games
    Health Units:
    Health Behaviors
    Factors that Affect Health
    Body Systems - bones and muscles 
    3rd Nine Weeks:
    P.E. Units:
    Group Cooperation
    Jump Rope
    Floor Hockey
    Health Units:
    Health Information
    Heart Course - Circulatory System
    4th Nine Weeks: 
    P.E. Units:
    Physical Fitness - Fitness Gram Assessments
    Kickball / Soccer
    Frisbee Golf
    Track and Field
    Field Day
    Health Units:
    P.E. Safety - water safety & bike safety
    Play It Safe (Grades 1 - 5 only)
    Puberty Videos ( Grades 4 & 5 only)
    Floating Units : Frisbee, Juggling, Dance, Scooters and Tumbling